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So, I was reading a post from Roo at Nice Girl Notes about things readers can do to make bloggers happy, and decided to spread the word by drawing from some of her advice (which, spoken or not, is on the tip of every blogger's tongue).

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Where you can find me outside of the blogosphere.
You already drop by here during your lunch break, in the evenings during commercial breaks, or--and don't deny this--when the office just gets a little too tedious to take on without a few mental break minutes. Did you know that you can chat with me on Facebook and Twitter, too? Oh, and not to mention the whole "subscription" thing. Just click on the orange RSS feed button, and you can add Wading in Big Shoes posts to your email or preferred blog reader. I also have buttons for Bloglovin' and Google Friend Connect, if that's your preferred speed.

New cover collage, assembled by moi as a tribute to the lovely state of Michigan (I have to say that this is the best part of Facebook's new Timeline set-up). On Facebook, I post lots of pics and teasers about my adventures, as well as links to fun commercials, campaigns, and such.

Twitter Page Screenshot
Like my Facebook page, I utilize Twitter to gab about Michigan-related things and to alert the general public when I have a new post. You're also likely to see more media-related news and quips here.

And, of course . . . there's the good, old comment section at the end of every post, accompanied by a plethora of "share" buttons for your convenience.

Comments & Sharing
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This poor, little section is often neglected. Please show it some love.

I truly do appreciate each and every reader and how often you visit my blog, and comments really are the icing on the cake. Have a question? Let me know. Been to a place featured in a post or saw a really cute dog commercial during American Idol last night? Let me know. Heck, even if you just like a picture . . . I'm all ears (or . . . eyes). I write for you all, and a little give-and-take is just the kick I need to build on this blog and figure out which topics you all like most.

So, hit me up! The conversation possibilities are endless, but long overdue. I'll be here.

P.S. How do you all like the new background and header? Stay tuned for a few more layout improvements, coming soon. :)

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