Sun Day

11:18 PM

IMG_9450 copy

Today was beautiful. The was shining, the wind didn't go all "Auntie Em" on us, and I'm pretty sure the temperature got up into the sixties. I didn't check, but that's what I've determined based on my internal weather-mood gauge (read: warm weather = happy Jennifer).

After a morning filled with church, turkey sandwiches, and watching really stupid movies on TBS, Brad and I decided to go for a walk along the lake. Gorgeous afternoon. For the past couple of months, the lakes were frozen over, which was a really awesome sight . . . but it's nice to finally be able to walk up to the water's edge again without worrying about falling through the ice. The water was the bluest I've seen in ages, and we even made a new friend in the form of some type of canine retriever. Thank goodness the little swimming enthusiast didn't shake his fur off when he ran out of the water to greet us.

IMG_9449 copy
Brad, pretending to make an effort for the camera. I think he's tired of being the model in all of my photo shoots.

IMG_9471 copy
Walkin' in my fluorescent white, pediatric walking shoes. Nike for all strides of life, baby.
You know that wonderful warm air smell? It makes you want to take a nap in the grass, dip your toes in the water, and invite everyone you know over for a cookout. Unfortunately, all the best hot dog stands aren't yet open for the season, but I still made Brad take me to Sonic for a foot-long coney and tots. We sat outside while we ate, and I pretended like it was late June instead of early March.

I know Southeast Michigan will probably flutter between sun and ice fifteen times before the next season actually stabilizes, but it's nice to see that we're so close to being able to spend our afternoons and evenings outdoors again (Snow, you're magical, but you've kind of fizzled out your welcome for me. Come again for Christmas. Just--please, don't sneak-attack us all).

Tomorrow's supposed to be rainy, but I may just take my Scotch tape (red plaid-patterned) rain boots out for a stroll. Puddle-splashing, anyone?

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