2012 Super Bowl Ads: Who rocked, who missed the mark, and who should have saved their money

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So, the game is over. We gobbled up our chicken wings, stayed up past our bed times, and hit the snooze button about ten times this morning. The trophies, rings, and Corvette have all been awarded, but what is everyone talking about this morning? The commercials.

If you kept up with all the promos with me last night on Twitter or Facebook, I thank you. If not, never fear--here's a brief recap of some of my favorite highlights:

M&M's - "Just My Shell"
I love to giggle. I also happen to think that most of the best ads--at least during the Super Bowl--tend to include humor, and unless you're going to hit hard with a resonating message or throw a cute animal into the mix, you better have a silliness factor going for you.  Well, that's what M&M's did--naked candy, LMFAO soundtrack, and all. Have a look:

Budweiser - "Rescue Dog"
Here we go with the animals! Everyone in our Super Bowl party was talking last night about how a cuter dog should have been used in this ad, but I think the scruffiness goes perfectly with Budweiser's "rescue a dog" message. Plus, this pup was just trained so well. How can you compete with that? "Here, Wego!"

Coca-Cola - "Catch"
Another animal commercial, but this time, it's animated! I briefly mentioned Coke's polar bear promos in my last post, and wanted to give another shout-out here because I love Coca Cola's creativity with personifying the iconic polar bears. Plus, it was fun waiting to see which team's colors would be represented in each ad during the game.

Clint Eastwood for Chrysler--"It's Halftime in America"
Remember that "resonating message" I mentioned earlier? Well, it's here in Chrysler's latest ad. Take a touch of drama, a pinch of hometown pride, and a dash of Clint Eastwood, and you have an "Imported from Detroit" message that can stand its own even next to last year's Eminem spot.

Now, for some of the more questionable spots. I enjoy the Soup Nazi as much as the next person, but this Acura ad, featuring Jerry Seinfeld, was a disappointment to everyone at our party mainly because it was shown twice during the game. Even though the second showing was a shortened version, we were all significantly less-impressed the second time around. I suppose it was quirky enough, but for some reason, a double-play during the Super Bowl qualifies advertisements for the "over-played" category.

Jerry Seinfeld for Acura - "Transactions"

And, oh my gosh--I loved the hefty pup in Volkswagen's commercial. I thought the Star Wars bit at the end was kind of cheesy, though. I know VW was trying to connect with last year's "The Force," but I think this new storyline would have fared just as well without the little snippet at the end. I suppose the re-release of Star Wars in 3D paid for its place in the cross-promotion, but we have to draw the line somewhere. Just too much going on.

Volkswagen - "The Dog Strikes Back"

I also found the ads for Bud Light Platinum to be incredibly so-so. Pack a punch, Budweiser! At least you had Wego and a couple more lively spots to keep your brand from burying itself in the night's competitive advertising arena. And Budweiser, one more thing: kudos to you for trying to lighten the load for GE by teaming up on an ad, but GE seriously needs to learn how to stand on its own feet (and how to come up with something more interesting to show during America's biggest night in football).

Bud Light Platinum - "Work"

GE (and Budweiser) - "Power and Beer"

What do you guys think? Agree, disagree? If you have any other favorites or non-favorites, please share! If you're looking for a compilation of all of last night's ads, you can find them here.

Happy Monday, and happy viewing!

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