In Blue

10:26 AM

Photo by Matt Gentry, The Roanoke Times
I just wanted to take the time to write this brief note.

I am fortunate to have so many life experiences to write about, to share with you today. So many blessings that I am thankful for that, in retrospect, seem trivial.

What's bigger, and more important, are instances like this and people who put their lives on the line every day. For all of us. These people are often under-appreciated most days of the year, and it's a sad thing when we have to mourn the loss of one of them.

So many senseless acts of violence and losses of life have sporadically scarred the peaceful image of a place that I will always call home. And somehow, that place is still beautiful, still full of love among all the sacrifice.

It was my father who called me yesterday afternoon to let me know that there had been more shootings on Virginia Tech's campus. I spent the next three or four hours streaming live video online from my old hometown news station, listening to updates as I tried to get anything done around the house. Familiar feelings from 2007 came back as I fixed my eyes on the images, and while it was a great relief to find that yesterday's instance came nowhere close to the scale of that from four and a half years ago, none of the sadness can be erased from the tragic taking of this police officer's life.

My father was a campus police officer/sergeant/lieutenant/chief from before I was born to around the time I graduated college. So many people take for granted the motivation, bravery, stress, and strength it takes to go out there every single day (and night), not knowing what you're up for. Yet, these men and women work to keep us safe while we unknowingly go about our everyday routines. It's usually a thankless job, and often draws hatred from people rather than gratitude. Yet, there's no denying that the job and the people doing it are essential, and we would be in constant pandemonium without them.

Please remember to keep campus police (and police in general) in your thoughts and prayers, and please be grateful for their dedication to making your life better.

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