Battle of the Social Networks

12:43 PM


It's a competition; that's obvious.

If you spend any time online at all, you've probably realized by now that Facebook and Google+ have been duking it out over new features. More up-to-date notifications, changes in photo sizes, and a somewhat unexplained series of other changes that have confused several users, including myself.

Now, I consider myself pretty competent when it comes to figuring things out, especially changes on social media sites. In fact, I know I'll decipher what on Earth is going on with Facebook once I just invest a few extra minutes, but for now, I find it almost exhausting. The changes, which have been going on for a while, are subtle enough, yet seem to clutter up the page like a "Where's Waldo" photo. I mean, really...where did the Poke button go?

And how 'bout that Google+? Its big news this morning was the fact that an invitation is no longer required to join the site. Whoo. Sorry, Google+, but your attempt at exclusivity turned me off from the get-go and has left a mark with its snooty first impression. I know the site has actually gained its share of popularity in the past few months, but I'm still having trouble finding enough people to interact with who actually use the darn thing on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, as Facebook and Google+ battle it out, Twitter seems to be chilling in the background. While many might see that as a warning sign that the site can't catch up, I'm almost seeing it as a comfort that something is still familiar. Now, I've been a long-time supporter of Facebook and still consider it my social network of choice, but as it keeps changing, I find myself gravitating more and more toward Twitter. It's just easier.

So, what's your stance--are you embracing the change, or is there a point where you become fed-up with the continuous shuffle? Let me know in the comment section which features you enjoy and which ones make you want to throw your computer on the floor.

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