Just a thought.

2:46 PM

Quick poll: How many of you have ever been to a public place, spent your hard-earned money on a product or service you hoped would prove satisfactory, then had the illusion (as you would soon come to know it) shattered, all because an employee was too lazy to muster up a polite demeanor?

Wow! Me, too!

But seriously, I often wonder where the the pride has gone from so many workers. I've always felt that having a job is a blessing, a privilege. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to a place every day that enables them to make money while building up a sense of accomplishment. It's doing something, anything--whether it's a corporate job or being a cashier at a sandwich shop--that makes the day worthwhile. And I have respect for anyone who's going out there to get something done...as long as they're trying.

And that sense of pride should be reflected in every aspect of the person. What good is a positive customer experience if you walk into a cafe and have a friendly person serve you a cup of lemonade, only to meet a disgruntled employee on your way out who doesn't even grunt hello as they make their way in for their evening shift (and yes, this has happened to me just within the past few days)? Let people know you appreciate being there. Even if you're exhausted with your job, it is still something to be treasured--and it should be reflected in what you say, how you act, and what you do. After all, the attitude of a business or company reflects on your actions as an employee--why not make a little effort to positively showcase the place that signs your check at the end of the week?

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