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Can I just take a moment to say how much I love Target commercials?

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In particular, I've been seeing a lot of their back-to-school ads lately. My favorite? The second grade teacher who's really excited about hamsters, explorers, and glitter--"so much glitter."


Another fun one? The music teacher. He seems to be pushing some sort of fall-friendly fabric...not sure if I caught just what it was...

It's okay, I lived in jeans during high school, too. Well, I still live in jeans during every waking hour when I'm not working in an office or the weather's cooler than 78 degrees, but you get my point.

Target's also been pushing a series of short, smart snippets that like to point out the obvious. Funny how a "duh" moment can motivate you to make a quick run to the store.

Might wanna put those gooey treats on some sort of edible, eating apparatus...

Dogs aren't really that messy, are they?

Then, of course, there were all those Black Friday ads back around Thanksgiving of last year, where that wonderful lady trained for early morning shopping like it was a triathlon. I giggled so much during the month of November.

All right, so hopefully, you can't all relate quite as closely to this woman's enthusiasm as you can to the common sense ads, but it's entertaining all the same. Regardless, you've probably at least met people who, in your mind, are just as--prepared--for the Christmas season as this person is.

More at a later time, but I'll leave you with one more Target favorite. It doesn't go as much with the theme of the commercials I already mentioned, but there's music and dancing. 'Nuff said.

(You know you've made it when people Google your ads for the purpose of entertainment).

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