Friday, September 12, 2014

West Michigan Weekend Part V: Eldean Shipyard

Eldean Shipyard & Marina - Lake Macatawa, Michigan
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I believe that the Eldean Shipyard in Macatawa was created specifically for people who love to daydream and watch sunsets. Okay--it's actually a lovely marina and resort designed to accommodate yacht owners, but for people like me (who can only dream what it would be like to hang out on a yacht), it's a great representation of how beautiful (and nautical!) Michigan is during the summer.

Eldean Shipyard & Marina - Lake Macatawa, Michigan

Just a few miles from Holland, the Eldean Shipyard is nestled where Lake Michigan meets Lake Macatawa. The marina boasts an exclusive location, grandiose homes, and breathtaking skies--all of which Brad and I enjoyed photographing while strolling the docks.

Eldean Shipyard & Marina - Lake Macatawa, Michigan
Eldean Shipyard & Marina - Lake Macatawa, Michigan

We may not be "yacht people" ourselves, but I think playing dress-up and letting our imaginations run wild is almost just as fun. What do you think?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

All Moved In + Awesome Mitten End of Summer Round-Up

Wading in Big Shoes - Moved In + Awesome Mitten Round-Up

(Left to right, top to bottom: 1. So excited to be in our new home!, 2. Pure Michigan road trip, 3. New house = yard = I bought a lawn mower, 4. The most sinfully-delicious cheesecake I've ever personally demolished, 5. Looking through fences on Belle Isle, 6. Sunset gazing in St. Joseph, 7. Chowing down on THE best toffee ever, 8. A change of venue means back to the drawing board (a.k.a., IKEA), 9. Intricate designs like this are SO Detroit, 10. Mashing together some guacamole in my new kitchen!, 11. Found the prettiest flowers the other day in Frankenmuth, 12. I LOVE this pillow!, 13. Cheesing at the Belle Isle Conservatory fountain, 14. New entryway rug (it's starting to feel like home!), 15. Brad tries to break everything on move-in day, 16. Driving through downtown Detroit)

As you may have heard, Brad and I recently bought a house (of our very own!) and have been spending lots of time getting used to the change of pace. We've spent many hours cleaning our old apartment (thank GOODNESS that's done) and searching through boxes for anything and everything at our new place. It's a little chaotic, but I wouldn't expect anything less. Thankfully, we've also managed to find some time here and there to enjoy the last legs of summer before it completely disappears from Michigan.

As the mess lessens, I hope to share some photos of ongoing projects as we make this new house our home. In the meantime, it's back to organizing if I ever want to find the rest of my wardrobe.

P.S. - New Awesome Mitten post arriving next week! Catch up on my recent summer adventures here:

Questions? Feedback? Let me know in the comments below!

Friday, August 8, 2014

West Michigan Weekend Part IV: De Klomp Factory & Veldheer Tulip Gardens


Holland continued! Part four of the West Michigan saga brings us to the De Klomp Wooden Shoe Factory and Veldheer Tulip Gardens. This mesh of Dutch culture is on my list of Holland travel-musts, especially during tulip season (**note: these photos were taken at the end of May, when the the spring flowers are in bloom). If you want to see how modern wooden shoes are made, spend time admiring some of Michigan's beautiful agriculture, or just pick up some fun souvenirs, this is a great place to visit.


The man who demonstrated shoe-making for us that day was quite a character--he liked joking around, but it was easy to see he enjoyed his handiwork. We got caught up in a conversation that could've lasted longer, but were told the Veldheer farm was about to close . . . so we hurried outside to see the tulips.



We hung out on the tulip farm for about an hour, relaxing in the shade and watching buffalo roam (for real!). I had no idea that so many varieties of tulips existed. So many colors, shapes . . . truth be told, I wouldn't have even guessed that everything I saw that day was a tulip, just because several looked like daffodils, lilies, etc. Regardless, the fields were beautiful and helped make up for the fact that the De Klomp gift store was closed by the time we left the gardens. Ah, well--c'est la vie. I'll remember to show up a little earlier next time around.
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